The Plan

We plan to stay in Alaró from 2-5 September and then continue our stay in Palma. We would love for you to join us from the 2-6 September (or longer) but you are of course welcome to join for whichever days work best for you.

  • 2 Sep.

    Arrival in Alaró

    We'll take it easy and settle in Alaró.

    Explore the little town, chill at the pool and maybe a cheeky beer?


    Welcome Drink

    We meet up at Sa Portassa, our villa's in-house bodega.

    Drinks & paella will be provided.

    8PM - 10.30PM

    Can Fressa, Carrer d'Enmig 1, Alaró

    Summer casual

  • 3 Sep.


    Everyone is free to do whatever.

    We've recommended several activities. Click here to find out more.



    The main event! Get ready to drink, eat & dance.

    Buses will leave at 4.30pm from this location. Don't be late!

    Return buses will leave at 2am, if you wish to leave earlier please pre-book your own taxi.

    5PM - 2AM

    Finca Comassema

    Summer chic

  • 4 Sep.
    All Day

    Beach Day

    A chill day with an optional visit to one of the local beaches.

    There will no transport be organised so that people can come & go as they like.

    1PM - 5PM

    Playa del Muro

    Beach wear

  • 5 Sep.

    Move to Palma

    We'll check out of Alaró and transport to Palma.


    Boat Party

    Boating time! We'll hop on a catamaran to explore one of Mallorca's most beautiful bays.

    Drinks, food & dope music will be provided. Afterwards we can discover some local restaurants & bars. Pre-drinks in the Marina at 2.30pm. We set sail at 3.30pm.

    3.30PM - 8.30PM

    The Boat House

    Beach & swim wear + extra layer for the evening

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  • Alaró
    Things to do in Alaró


    There's a local market on the main square, every Saturday from 9am to 1pm.


    We have booked both courts at the Alaró Padel Club on Saturday 3rd September from 10 AM to 12 PM.


    Want to enjoy some local wine in a stunning scenery? There are a few wineries nearby such as Bodega Oloron and Bodega Castell Miquel.


    Mallorca is a very popular island for cycling tourists. Rent a bike and cycle this 2h circle of the Alaró countryside.

  • Palma
    Things to do in Palma


    Plenty of options here! We recommend checking out bar strip Santa Catalina, bar strip Bonaire, Ginbo (G&Ts galore!) and Skybar at Bar Cuba.


    Dinner: Our favourites are Canela, Vandal and Ombu.

    Lunch: Ziva to go, Simple smart food bar, Simply delicious, Bi Bap - Korean, Ola Poke, Club Nautic Portixol (amazing paella)

    Very local: Sa Bodegueta, Quina Creu, San Juan Gastronomic Market


    Pins Padel is a short drive or 30 minute walk from the center. They usually have space available, but good to book before just to be sure.


    Boutique shopping area - we recommend Carrer de la Unió and below. Generally, the closer you get to Jaume III and el Born, the more chic, while up towards Placa Major are the smaller, more affordable stores.

  • Hikes
    Want to work on that booty?

    Barranc de Biniaraix (easy)

    Beautiful hike that throws you back in time. It takes 3 to 4 hours to do the full loop starting from Biniaraix town, with the halfway point at L’Ofre. There are steps almost all the way and lots of gorgeous views.

    Alaró Castle (medium)

    This hike you can do from the center of Alaró and will take you around 3 to 4 hours to complete. It will take you to an old fort up on the mountain overlooking Alaró. Alternatively, you can drive up to either Es Verger or Orient and walk 35-45 mins up from there. Down will be quicker.

    La Trapa monastery (medium)

    This is a beautiful 3.5h hike through the mountains on the South West coast of Mallorca, with gorgeous views of Sa Dragonera island. For a shorter alternative, hike up from Sant Elm to the Torre Cala en Basset, a small watchtower a mere 25 minutes from the starting point, or even less if you feel like taking the climbing short-cut.

    Torrent de pareis (difficult)

    Jenny and Will have been dreaming of doing this hike. It takes 6 to 8 hours starting at Escorca and walking down the gorge to Sa Calobra beach. It’s off-limits most of the year due to flash floods. The summer months are the only time you can go. An easier way to see the gorge is to drive to Sa Calobra and walk up the gorge, then turn back whenever you like.

  • Villages
    Explore Mallorca's villages


    Popular and picturesque mountain-coast village. Deià has long been a magnet for famous artists, writers and other creative people. Restaurants are a bit more pricey here, but definitely worth the visit!


    A charming hillside village in the Sóller Valley. The stone buildings and red tiled roofs combine with the scent of the surrounding orange and lemon groves to provide a traditional rustic charm.


    A beautiful old traditional town well worth spending a day exploring. The authentic town of Sóller sits in the heart of the ‘valley of oranges’ or ‘valley of gold’.


    An idyllic mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana, which is one of the most charming sights in Mallorca with its narrow streets and sand-coloured buildings.

  • Beaches
    Want to work on that tan?

    Caló des Moro

    Calo des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach with turquoise water and cave-like rock formations located 6 kilometres from Santanyi in the southeast corner of Mallorca. Best to visit on a week day as this beach is probably Mallorca's worst kept secret.

    Cala Formentor

    Formentor beach is about 6 kilometres from Puerto Pollença and easily accessible by car or public transport.

    Sa Calobra

    Sa Calobra is a small village in the northwest coast of Mallorca. Sa Calobra is a charming set of two beaches which are divided by the Torrent de Pareis (river gorge).

    Cala Banyalbufar

    About 1500 m from the Banyalbufar you will find spectacular bay with a clear cristal water. It is a pleasant change from the town, so worth taking a look. It is a rocky cove, but there are places to relax in the sun for a while.

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Q & A

Drop an email to if you have any questions!

  • How do you recommend we get around on the island?

    If you’re staying for longer we would recommend you get yourself a car so you can explore the island. Rental cars in Mallorca are very cheap if hired from the airport (we strongly recommend getting insurance as roads in towns are tight and country roads are rocky - it’s very common to see banged up cars here). There is a free parking lot in Alaró (marked on our map) but it can still be challenging to find parking.

    If you would prefer not to drive: Taxis are readily available in Palma but not in Alaró. Pre-booking will be necessary. There is no uber in Mallorca unfortunately. If needed we will arrange group transportation to the beach and to Palma for the boat - let us know in the RSVP you’ll be joining those activities and we will reach out closer to the day to see how many people will not be driving themselves.

  • How do we get to the wedding venue?

    Bus transportation will be provided from Alaró to the venue and back to Alaró. Check the plan for bus departure times.

    If you would prefer to drive yourselves, that’s not a problem. There is plenty of parking at the venue. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Alaró and a 45 minute drive from Palma by car.

  • What should I wear to the wedding?

    Think festive & summer chic! Although September is still a hot summer month, the wedding will be in the mountains, where it can get a bit colder in the evenings (20-24 °C). You may want to bring a jumper or light jacket. Both the ceremony and the reception will be outdoors (weather permitting!)

    Ladies - the ceremony will take place on cobblestones and the dinner will be on grass so choose your footwear wisely. If you still want to wear heels we recommend you bring a change of shoes.

  • Am I supposed to buy you a wedding gift?

    Coming all the way to Mallorca to celebrate with us is honestly more than enough <3

    If you still want to do something special for us we would be very grateful if you would make a donation to one of the selected charities:

    🇲🇲 Burmese Refugees by DARE Network

    🇺🇦 Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

    🌍 GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund

  • Are children welcome?

    In order to give all you parents the chance to relax and make the most of each evening, all of the evening activities, including the wedding, will be child-free (exceptions will of course be made for anyone who is breast-feeding).

    Let us know if you need help to arrange childcare in Mallorca.

  • Can I take pictures during the ceremony?

    No. We'd love to see your faces, not your cameras. You can take pictures later during the event.

  • What’s the local taxi number?

    Alaró: Taxi Alaró +34 628 18 88 20

    Palma: Taxis Palma Radio +34 971 401 414 or +34 971 400 004

    Other pre-bookable taxi services:, or

  • Why do you call yourself The Jillem?

    Will: The Jillem is a clever & well-balanced combination of the letters of our first names.

    Jenny: I ask myself this question every day. Note that I only got one letter...

    Will: 😙

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  • Palma